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Old 03-24-2008, 09:47 AM
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Default Power Steering

because the Fit is equipped with electrical power steering, and i correct that it does not require power steering fluid?
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Old 05-22-2008, 08:34 PM
the hermit the hermit is offline
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You would be correct, because it is electric it draws no power from the engine. They use electric power steering on ATV's now too? Amaxing what they can come up with.
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Old 06-01-2008, 05:32 PM
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it's brilliant.
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Old 06-09-2008, 02:51 PM
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i think that all small subcompact cars should come with EPS (electric power steering) AND, like in the Honda Civic Hybrid, an electric motor that would shut off the engine at stoplights, while the a/c and other electrical systems remain available through a seperate electical device.
they say that when waiting for a bridge (i live in south florida, drawbridges everywhere) or a train you should shut off your engine since idling at 0 mph every minute is compared to driving a half a mile.
but to shut down the engine and restart it everytime would put so much wear and tear on the engine and the starter.
there is a lot we can do here in America to make our cars more fuel effecient, but a lot of Americans refuse to accept that..
just like in the 80's when congress asked the big three automakers to make more fuel effecient cars with lower emmisions, they all said,"no way..that cannot be done!" Honda then stood up and said,"yes it can! and we can prove it because we have already produced such a car!" talking about the Honda Civic and Accord of the late 70's and early 80's!!
there was this excellent TV program on the History Channel called "Voyages"
it talked about the history of Honda and all the technology, etc. everything you ever wanted to know about was an amazing hour of television
i especially loved the part where the big three automakers of Detroit were telling everybody that the bad reliability of their cars were do in part because of the American workers...Honda proved them wrong by building their plant in Marysville, Ohio and saying that the excellent reliability of Honda's cars were do to the fact that they treated each and everyone of their employees with the same respect they treated the owners and higher head-honco's, keeping workers satisfied with the management and how the company was run and on how the cars were enineered in the first place
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