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05-30-2015, 02:11 PM
Did a lot of research and discovered it is not unusual for the Fit 2012 to have battery failure in 3 yrs.
Decided to change to a stronger battery lots of 51R info but read where someone used a 26R (Toyota,Yaris O7-11), checked dimensions and it is smaller than the 51R. Removed plastic tray, bent the bracket in a few places, cut 3/4" plywood to the size of footprint, and installed, wood needed some trimming where the bent platform touched, added a couple of screws to stop movement.

The positive terminal plastic connector needed to be trimmed by cutting off 1/4 inch of inside lip, the positive post of the battery is further from the edge than the original battery.

Made an extension for the holddown bracket, needed about a 1/4 inch length for more clearance for the width, short battery had plenty of room even with the board under the battery. For those that don't want to do a lot of modifications a lawn mower battery has the same footprint as the original Honda battery;)

In this project I discovered, my remote can work at a greater distance with a new battery, so you could use remote as a signal that the battery is losing power. 26R-3 can be found at Walmart at half the price of original with CCA 540 and two year free replacement for a double bonus.

05-31-2015, 08:35 AM
Real nice job on the DIY. A lot of people need to know this so making it a sticky :p

I'm sold on sealed batteries after finding my metal painted battery hold down in pristine condition after a year of use.