View Full Version : Relieving the Fuel System Pressure in a Fit

09-20-2011, 12:06 PM
What's going on guys!

If you plan on replacing the fuel filter, fuel pump or fuel injectors on your Fit then the first major step in the procedure is to relieve the fuel system pressure. Here is the proper way to relieve the fuel system pressure:

1) Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the audio system.

2) Remove PGM-Fl main relay 2 (FUEL PUMP) from the under-dash fuse/relay box. It's shown as ref #16 in this diagram:

**courtesy of hondapartsnow.com (http://www.hondapartsnow.com/), all rights reserved, etc, etc**

3) Start the engine, and let it idle until it stalls.

Note: If any DTCs are stored, clear and ignore them.

4) Turn the ignition switch OFF.

5) Remove the fuel fill cap to relieve the pressure in the fuel tank.

6) Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

7) Remove the quick-connect fitting cover on the fuel line connection near the bulkhead.

8) Check the fuel quick-connect fitting for dirt, and clean it if needed.
Place a rag or shop towel over the quick-connect fitting.

9) Disconnect the quick-connect fitting (A): Hold the connector (B) with one hand, and squeeze the retainer tabs (C) with the other hand to release them from the locking tabs (D). Pull the connector off.

10) If the connector does not move, keep the retainer tabs pressed down, and alternately pull and push the connector until it comes off easily.

11) Do not remove the retainer from the line; once removed, the retainer must be replaced with a new one.

12) After disconnecting the quick-connect fitting, check it for dirt or damage.

**courtesy of Chilton's**

13) Remember to reconnect the negative cable to the battery, then enter the anti-theft code for the audio system and set the clock after you have performed whatever work you set out to do :)