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  1. ***Post~Sick Engine Pics***
  2. N1 Concepts' K20A Honda Fit
  3. Confused about oil change interval/use of synthetic
  4. Recalls???
  5. How do you reset the maintenance light?
  6. Pro-Blend More Mileage Plus System Gas Booster?
  7. Power Steering
  8. Fit Performance Mod's?
  9. Fuel Filter replacement?
  10. Lower MPG b/c car is new?
  11. trans dip stick?
  12. Link to Top Tier Gas..what it is and why Honda recommends using
  13. engine pinging
  14. does anyone knows whether the new FIT got E-throttle??
  15. String boaster for E-throttle
  16. deactivation of safety belt alarm
  17. "Fluffy" Throttle -N- Wandering Steering
  18. Idle Learn Procedure
  19. Degreeing a camshaft and Cam timing.
  20. Initial timing, static timing, and centrifical advance
  21. How much coolant to use when changing??
  22. Fumoto valve what is it?
  23. Using colder plugs GREAT IDEA
  24. WARNING SPARK PLUG DIY on freaky site
  25. "Upper engine cleaners" some advice.
  26. Dumbass Warning
  27. Jaaz/Fit Vtec ?????????
  28. Radiator anode kit. Anyone try them?
  29. Oil bath
  30. Engine oil?
  31. Best fuel mileage ever.... a conundrum
  32. Aircon problems
  33. 15400 PLM-A01PE Oil filter
  34. Fits not fast enough?
  35. Vtec
  36. Check Engine Light: P0404
  37. 2007 fit cuts out ( randum )
  38. Motor noise, valves?, dealer checking.
  39. Tranny question (where 2 post?)
  40. Turn Vehicle Stability Assist Off?
  41. Poor Blower motor pressure
  42. Auto tensioner took a crap
  43. OIL COOLERS What do you think?
  44. Noise & burning at cold start
  45. Coil pack question
  46. Honda ships first batch of racing fit engines
  47. Misfires
  48. engine weight
  49. A Scangauge with Graphics is a Garmin EnRoute HD
  50. increse Performance
  51. 91 Octane vs 87 Octane, which is better?
  52. what oil and how often?
  53. drop in filter or stock filter better?
  54. Interesting Email Ad from Skunk2 Racing
  55. Hot!!!
  56. Changing air filter
  57. I finally did it...40+mpg!
  58. Oil filter
  59. Buzzing sound when air con switched on
  60. Car jerking
  61. New Fit question.
  62. No more high test fuel for us
  63. HKS SLD (Speed Limit Defencer)
  64. Valve adjustment info
  65. Change air filter bought frm m'sia
  66. Fit sport 07 Battery
  67. Wrong Spark Plug Damaged Coil and Heads
  68. New Clutch at 37k?
  69. More incorrect advice
  70. Oversized Oil Filter Options
  71. Gurgle in Dash
  72. YO BSTER 13 here's your answer
  73. GD3 CARB EO numbers for the DC Ceramic Headers, and Injen CAI
  74. Started my "Maintenance" today
  75. First Oil change- when to do?
  76. First Engine Code
  77. Buying oil problems.
  78. 2007 Tick Tick Tick
  79. Removed engine bay seal?
  80. Maintenance minder
  81. Intake manifold "O" rings?
  82. when does Fit need to replace PCV valve?
  83. The REAL Catch can installation story
  84. Bling valve cover
  85. 12/16 valves for GD confirmed
  86. Clean your plug TOPS
  87. GE SUPERCHARGER from Australia
  88. Lost Motion Spring Recall: 2009-2010 Fit
  89. Flashing check engine light???
  90. GD free repair manual
  91. Where is the fuel filter for the Fit
  92. Malfunction light and Temperature control
  93. Some questions about Fit before I buy
  94. Answer to der Monds question
  95. Some More Fit "Engine/Maintenance" Questions
  96. Low Milleage MPG
  97. Driving Manual vs Auto Fit?
  98. Engine Codes 2007 Honda Fit Sport
  99. K&N air filter myths BUSTED
  100. "Fuel saving" devices BUSTED yet again
  101. Transaxle/differential problems
  102. No spark plugs here
  103. Coolant temps chart
  104. Freeway Driving
  105. Advice needed
  106. wondering about the ecu and negation of K&N intake due to learning
  107. GE coil pack replacements?
  108. Finally HOT camshafts for the GD
  109. Nice GE intake polishing job
  110. No spark plugs in the future?
  111. 2 Ways for more MPG
  112. Help: vacuum leak, now honda wants to replace upper intake manifold gaskets
  113. 2008 sport coil packs or not?
  114. A/T fluid
  115. Removing spark plugs from Aluminum heads
  116. K&N SRI for GD3 has CARB EO Number!
  117. Pilot and Acura MDX recall
  118. Chronic belt slipping/squealing problem
  119. Extended Warranties
  120. Custom CAI issues
  121. 2010 fit radiator fan cycles on and off continuously
  122. Genuine Honda parts online
  123. newbie intake question
  124. Maintenance minder main Items and oil life reset
  125. SPOON has new colored GE valve cover
  126. GE8 make 150 WHP with relatively minor mods?
  127. Check your number three plug.
  128. The Honda Fit's engine is durable!
  129. Oil Changes
  130. First oil and filter change
  131. Misfiring? Here are a few things to try before buying coilpacks..
  132. while I'm here...
  133. Just got the "CHECK FUEL CAP" message
  134. 2007 fit misfire
  135. So-So Fuel Milage from the beginning
  136. Hondata Has done it to the Fit
  137. Parts online for wholesale prices?
  138. Lubricating oil myths?
  139. DO NOT use E-15 fuel EVER
  140. K&N working fine
  141. Fit's not the only engine that blows spark plugs
  142. Cheap engine vibration damper???
  143. "Antifreeze" why it needs to be changed
  144. High Test FTW.
  145. Blown and turbo GEs
  146. slight miss sometimes at idle
  147. Holy Crap exploding turbos
  148. BAD antifreeze
  149. COLD AIR works good
  150. 2008 FIT battery
  151. Dimpled heads and pistons.
  152. Vtec??
  153. Perceived Valve Tick From New Engine and Break In...
  154. Maintenance time again
  155. HA these guys agree with 3000 mile oil changes
  156. EXPENSIVE carb cleaner Yikes.
  157. Manxman strikes out
  158. Great article on thightening rod bolts.
  159. Got to give MYXALPLYX some props
  160. Some drag racing advice for MYXALPLYX
  161. Real electrical driven supercharger
  162. A suggestion for MYXALPLYX
  163. WOW maintenance time again
  164. What a difference COLD AIR makes
  165. slower speed Baha humbug
  166. Rattling when fan on
  167. odb2 reading intake manifold pressure?